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Raw Material Requirements of Pellet Machine

In order to produce high-quality pellets, we not only have to have higher requirements for the pellet machine specially used for processing pellets, but also need to have certain requirements for the processing raw materials of the equipment. From the understanding of the types of equipment, we all know that there are many types of raw materials, so what are the detailed requirements?

1.It has different moisture requirements for different raw materials, usually the pellet machine requires that the raw material moisture cannot exceed 15%.

2. The granulation of the pellet machine requires that the larger size of the raw material should not exceed the diameter of the die hole.

3. The raw materials shall not be mixed with iron, stones and other hard objects, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

4. High-quality granulation can be achieved without any additives in the raw materials. However, in order to increase the output and greatly extend the service life of the wearing parts such as the die plate and the roller, it is recommended to use the adhesive reasonably.

The above are the requirements of the pellet machine for raw materials, mainly focusing on the humidity, size, and hardness of the raw materials. However, there are many types of raw materials that the equipment needs to process, such as common wood chips, feed, and crop stalks. The performance of these three aspects is different, and we still need to understand their standards in more detail.

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