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Industrial Pellets

Industrial pellets have found their application in industrial and urban boiler houses and power plants. The ash content and other quality characteristics are of secondary importance for them.

It is typically gray-brown color. This color is given by an admixture of bark and high-temperature drying. High temperatures are required to increase the capacity of the dryers.

Such pellets are not suitable for use in boilers of low power, since burners of household boilers will fail due to increased ash content. In addition, industrial pellets do not meet the requirements of the European ENplus certification system and their market value is significantly lower, which is an attractive plus for buyers.

Here are the qualitative characteristics of industrial pellets:

Diameter - 8 mm

Length - no more than 40 mm

Total moisture for working condition - max. ten%

Ash on a working base - max 1.2%

The percentage of particles less than 3 mm in size - no more than 5%

Sulfur on a working basis - no more than 0.05%

Chlorine - no more than 0.02%

Bulk density - not less than 600 kg / m3

Calorific value on dry condition - 17.5 GJ / t

Calorific value in dry state - not less than 4800 kcal / kg

Hardness at constant pressure - not less than 97.5%

Ash melting temperature - not less than 1100 Сo

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