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Advantages of Wood Chipper

1.The rotors of wood chipper machines all passed the dynamic balance testing

2.The motors and transmission shaft is concentric, can ensure the stable running

3.The weight of our wood chipper YGX216 is 5T, more heavy and stable, just put the machine there and can work,not need fixing basis, if light machines, maybe need to dig a hole and fix the base by steel bar and concrete,waste time and money.

4.Our motor is Huali brand 55KW, the best motor in China

5.electricity control system, our cost is very high, and sale at same price as other suppliers

6.The feed inlet size is expanded, diameter of wood can reach to 23cm

7.The material of blade is Manganese steel, not carbon steel, more hard and anti-wearing, it is thick blade, life is long.Even a 8mm iron nails gone inside is no problem.

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