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How to Prevent Purchasing Second-hand Pellet Machine

How to Prevent Purchasing Second-hand Pellet Machine(图1)

In recent years, with the ban on coal and other policies, pellet machine manufacturing is thriving. The sales volume of biomass pellet machine is higher at this stage. I think everyone knows the principle of one penny and one piece of goods. As long as you choose a good manufacturer with good reputation, there will be no doubt that there will be no parallel machine, refurbished machine and so on. But don't rule out some manufacturers to cut corners. We RotexMaster tell you four points how to distinguish the purchase of pellet machine and whether they are refurbished goods. We hope that the bosses will not be blinded by the appearance of low-cost machinery.


Biomass pellet machine equipment should use these materials such as crop waste, straw, grass, rice husk, etc., using pellet machines to press the particles.

The ways below to distinguish whether the biomass pellet machine is refurbished:  

  Observe the working panel of the biomass pellet machine, If it is second-hand, the scratching is impossible to repair and the refurbishment will leave traces more or less.

  Check the accessories on the pellet machine, such as the edge of the screw. If it is refurbished and constantly removed, the screws will have traces, including cross screws.

  Check the plug part of the bolt, if it is used again, it will leave traces.

  Check the corners of the biomass pellet machine. If the biomass pellet machine is second-handed, the simple cleaning cannot be completely removed, and there will be many scattered particles on top.


In order to earn a large number of interests, many sellers choose to use the refurbished biomass pellet machine, second-hand goods to serve as a new brand. We just want to tell everyone to be on the guard, the price is not the only choice for machinery. The life of a second-hand machine can’t be compared with new machinery. If you buy a faulty machine, and then go to overhaul, does not lose a great deal through trying to save a little?

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