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How to Make Rice Husk into Fuel Pellets

How to Make Rice Husk into Fuel Pellets(图1)

What is rice husk

Rice husks also called rice hulls are the hard protecting coverings of rice grains. They protect the rice during the growing season. They are separated from the rice grains during the milling process. During the milling process, 78 percent of the paddy grain is rice, and 22 percent is the rice husk. Rice husk is with deficiencies of soft, light and low in caloricity.

Abundant Material

Asia is the world leading rice producing continent with nearly 770 million tons annually. Nearly 100 million people depend on the production of rice from rainfed upland regions to provide them with rice to eat as their daily staple food. Almost two-thirds of the world's total upland rice area is in Asia. Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam are important producers. Thailand is the largest exporting country. Rice originates in tropical lowlands and requires a long, warm growing season. It is cultivated by flooding the area after seeding. Rice plants take 3 – 6 months up to maturity, the short duration ones take 105 -120 days while the long duration ones take up to 150 days.

Why to press rice husks

Most of rice husk is burnt or dumped as waste in open fields and a small amount is used as fuel for boilers and so on. In these situation, rice husks can not be burned efficiently and also result in air pollution. While how to utilize rice husk efficiently? To process the rice husk into biomass pellets by rice husk pellet machine will be a wise choice to maximize its value. With rice husk pellet machine, you can turn the useless rice husk to one kind of energy resource, even money by yourself.

Why Rice Husk Pellets is Favored in the Market

a. Environmental friendly

Less ashes and emissions. The carbon dioxide released during the burning of rice husk pellets can be used by the growing plants. So it won’t cause the environmental pollution.

b. Convenient

Rice husk pellets are generally small sized, highly dense and compacted, which make them easy to store and transport.

c. Effective

Comparing with burning rice husk directly, rice husk pellets can burn longer and the combustion rate of rice husk pellets can be above 95%. And it has a low moisture content of 7 to 8%, which doesn’t need to consume energy to burn it off.

e. Wide application

Rice husk pellets can be applied in many places, such as stoves, boiler, heating furnaces, and other heating systems. They are available in the market.

How to make rice husk pellets

From the benefits of rice husk pellets, we can see that they have much advantages for our life. But how to make rice husk pellets? What kind of machines should we use? Now, ROTEXMASTER will introduce the process.

How to Make Rice Husk into Fuel Pellets(图2)

Crushing: Rice husks in the North need to be crushed as it is harder than that in the Southern Places.

■ Pelletizing: Pellet machine is the key equipment for the production. Vertical ring die wood pellet machine is the best choice.

Cooling: The hot rice husk pellets are easily broken, so after the pellets out from the pellet mill, it should be taken them into the cooling system. 

Packing Machine: Pack rice husk pellets into bags. Thus they will be easily to storage and transport.

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