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How to press Corn Cob Waste into Biomass Pellets

For corn, we usually grind corn into powder and press into pellets  to feed livestock such as pig, rabbit, sheep, corn....This kind feed pellets always can offer required nutrients to livestock. However, corn cob waste can be pressed into pellets by vertical ring die wood pellet mill machine. Corn cob pellet can be used as an alternative biomass full with an increased availability of fuel resources, also used to create a source of heat for residential and sometimes industrial premise. Corn cob pellet can offer the same cost-effective heating as wood pellets.

Why use corn cob as raw material to press biofuel pellets?

First, As an ideal natural pellet fuel, corn can grow fast in wide regions that suits its plantation, which means a consistent availability of fuel resources.

On the other hand, there is no smell and irritation fume, low pollutants and emissions when maize burns, so it has negligible negative effects on the environment.

And the ash produced after burning can be used as an additive for the gardens to improve the soil quality.

The main process of press corn cob into pellet:

First, high efficiency hammer mill is used to grind corn cob into 8mm powder. High efficiency wood hammer mill/wood crusher is different from tradition wood hammer mill. When working,The hammers hurl the corn cob against the grinding bridge on the housing of the mill where the breaking up of the corn cob shavings takes place.

The finished size corn cob powder of the output is determined by the screen through which the ground material has to pass.

For pelleting section, we use vertical ring die wood pellet machine, a special design for pressing softwood and hardwood material into pellets. It comes with two double layer die, stainless steel. When working, die is static. Roller rotation and cause the pressure to force material through out the holes of die.The adjustable knives of outlet will cut down the pellets into suitable length.

Below is the corn cob pellet fuel application:

1.For home heating: corn pellet fuel is commonly used for domestic heating for its high burning rate.

2.For biomass industry boiler: as a kind of main fuel for industry boiler, corn pellet fuel can replace coal, gas, oil, etc. with less environment polluting.

3.Corn cob pellets can be used for the generation of electricity in power-plants

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