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Automatic oil pump of pellet machine will be damaged if not maintained as below in winter

The maintenance of the equipment is very important for the long-term use. For the pellet machine, if the oil pump does not run normally, it will directly affect the service life of the pellet machine accessories. Recently, due to the arrival of winter, the weather has become colder and the temperature has decreased. Many customers reacted that the pressure switch of oil pump is easily damaged. Here, we’d like to offer two suggestions:

Adding high-quality motor oil to grease, the motor oil plays a diluent role in the butter, and the diluted grease will be used normally.

● An electric heating wire is added to the oil barrel of the oil pump of pellet machine to keep the temperature of the oil pump at all times to prevent the oil from solidifying.

● Wrap the solar heating cable outside the oil barrel of the oil pump, and then connect the power supply, so that the grease does not condense and the oil pump is protected.

It seems that the suggestions we provide are simple but very practical. I don't know which company has encountered such a problem, thus affecting the normal operation of the machine. As a professional supplier in the pellet machine industry, we have more than 10 years of experience in this industry. We solemnly recommend that you learn more about the maintenance of the pellet machine, so as to avoid penny wise and pound foolish.

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