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Whether Wood Pellets Will Have a Firm Market

Whether the wood pellets have a super market is a major concern for every pellet producer because it directly affects the future of pellet producers.Today, let’s talk about biomass pellets.Wood pellets become more and more popular. Compared with the traditional fuels, wood pellets have their own advantages as follows.

 1. Wood pellets have a high calorific value, ranging from 3900-4800 kilocalorie/kg. The carbonized pellets’ calorific value even can reach to 7000-8000 kilocalorie/kg.

◆ 2. Wood pellets of wood pellet machine have high purity, and containing no other sundries which can’t generate heat. The carbon content is 75-85%, ash content is 3-6%, and moisture content is 1-3%. The sundries, such as gangue and stone are not contained in the wood pellets, which will lower the cost directly.Because of the gangue and stone, they will burn calorific instead of generating heat.

◆ 3. There is no sulfur and phosphorus produced in the combustion of wood pellets, so there is no need to worry about corrosion of the wood pellet boiler, thus benefits the boilers service life.

◆ 4. Nearly no harmful gas generated during the burning of wood pellets, so it’s eco-friendly.

◆ 5. Wood pellets of pellet machine are clean and hygiene fuel, and the feeding is convenient, which has largely decreased the labor intensity of the workers. This advantage greatly improves the work environment and will lower the enterprise cost on employing in a certain degree

◆ 6. The ashes of burnt wood pellets are potash fertilizer with high value, so they can be recycled and make profits in return.

It seems that wood pellets are with lots of benefits, and compliance with environmental trends. As a professional wood pellet machine manufacturer, ROTEXMASTER hope that each of our customers will be able to earn a full pot in the pellet industry.

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