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What determines crushing efficiency of wood hammer mill

1.Selection of raw materials

Wood hammer mill with many functions and wide application range, can crush countless kinds of raw materials. But the growth structure and material density of different raw materials are different. For example, straw, weeds, etc. will be easier to crush; other materials like rosewood, pine… are not easy to crush.

2. Moisture content of the raw materials

Excessive moisture content not only smashes the yield, but will block the screen easily if the material granules are too small. Therefore, it is easy to handle the smashing of the raw materials with high moisture content after drying.

3. Particle size

The finer the powder, the lower the yield. The materials that does not meet the requirements will continue to be crushed in the machine compartment until the that meet the specifications, then leak out of the screen.

4. Power problems

Different models are generally equipped with suitable motors. Simply improving the power does not completely increase the output of the equipment, and may also damage the wood hammer mill.

What determines the crushing efficiency of the wood hammer mill(图1)

What determines the crushing efficiency of the wood hammer mill(图2)

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