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To Invest Bagasse Pellet Project

To Invest Bagasse Pellet Project(图1)

What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is a tree-free, renewable resource made from sugarcane fiber left after juice is extracted. A typical chemical analysis on a washed and dried dasis of bagasse might be:

Cellulose 45–55%

Hemicellulose 20–25%

Lignin 18–24%

Ash 1–4%

Waxes <1%

Abundant Raw Material

Sugarcane, which is native to India, is a kind of annual tropical and subtropical  herbaceous plants. It is suitable  for planting in the place with fertile soil,sunny, and large temperature difference between summer and winter. The sugarcane is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. There are more than 100 countries producing  sugarcane in the world,the largest sugarcane producing country is Brazil,followed by India,China ranked third.

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Why press bagasse pellets?

There are a lot of sugar factories in southeast Asia, plenty of sugarcane are produced after being extracted. For each 10 tonnes of sugarcane crushed, a sugar factory produces nearly 3 tonnes of wet bagasse. Most of the factories have no idea with how to deal with the material, massive waste materials take space of the plant. Few  factories burn the bagasse fiber as fuel, when burned in quantity, it produces sufficient heat energy to supply all   the needs of a typical sugar factory. The rest of the bagasse can be processed to biomass pellets and exported  to other countries as fuel, which bring the factory economic benefits.

Sugarcane is a tree-free renewable resource, which makes it superior to other kind of fuels. Sugarcane bagasse pellets are with high calorific value of 3400 to 4200 kilocalorie and low ash. It’s a wise choice as fuel energy.

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Wide Foreground Market and Competitive Advantages

The government has banned raw coal for boiler burning and encourage to usediesel and gas as burning raw materials. But energy poverty and high price of diesel fuel, boiler burning costs get higher. Biomass pellets, renewable energysource, used as raw materials of boiler burning can lower the cost and benefit environment. With government incentives policy for renewable energy, more and more enterprises currently adopt biomass pellets instead of coal, oil, and natural gas. For biological environmental protection enterprises, government also give support and subsidies.Due to the rise in oil price, the market for biomass pellets increasingly gets promising. Now it is the best chance to invest biomass pellet business!

How to Make Bagasse Pellets?


■ Drying: Before sugasse can be pelletized, it is vital that the moisture content of the material should be about 12%-15%.  The moisture of fresh sugar can bagasse isabout 48~50%, if not to dry, the moisture extra would be  evaporated while heatingand pressing, resulting in the pellets craze and rough in surface.

■ Crushing: Before pelletizing, The material should be cut into suitable size.

■ Pelletizing: Pelletizing is the critical step of making bagasse pellets. There are two types of pellet machine, namely, vertical ring die wood pellet machine and flat die wood pellet machine.The first wood pellet  machine can be designed for 1-20t/h pellet line. The flat one is more suitable for small capacity or home use.

■ Cooling and Screening:  As the pellets leave the pellet machine, they are hot and soft. Thus they need to be cooled in the pellet cooler. The cooling process is important for the strength and durability of the pellets.

■ Packaging: Pellets can be packaged by automatic packing machine. Pellets after packaged is easier to be stored and transported.

Applications and Merits of Bagasse Pellets?  

Bagasse pellets can be employed in heating, living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plant and so on to replace firewood, coal, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas.

Its merits are in the following aspects:

1. Civil heating and domestic energy: high pellet energy efficiency and easy storage;

2. Biomass industry boiler: instead of coal, the main fuel for industrial boilers which avoids the environmental pollution;

3. Electricity generation: used as fuel for thermal power generation.

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