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The new electronic control equipment workshop of Rotex Master was officially launched

  • As an important part of the single machine equipment and production line of Shandong Rotex Machinery Co., Ltd., PLC electronic control system has an irreplaceable role in the operation of the equipment. PLC controller is an electronic device designed for digital computing operation in industrial environment.

  • It uses a program-programmable memory that stores instructions for performing operations such as logic operations, sequential operations, timing, counting, and arithmetic operations, and can control each device through digital or analog inputs and outputs. Stand-alone production process for each piece of equipment in the operation and production line.To provide customers with better electronic control system equipment, the company has launched a newly built electronic control equipment assembly and debugging workshop. The workshop covers an area of 800 square meters, including all parts of electronic control system component sorting, electric control cabinet assembly and electronic control system debugging.We will fully guarantee the quality of the electronic control system in all aspects and provide customers with high quality pellet machinery.


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