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Introduction of Vacuum Dryer

Introduction of Vacuum Dryer(图1)

Vacuum dryer is upgraded and improved according to equipment structure,transmission system, sealing system,drying system. The overall design is reasonable and compact: one piece frame base, no need concrete foundation, small volume, high thermal efficiency, easy operation. This can lower production cost drastically.It is an ideal equipment for all kinds of material.

Introduction of Vacuum Dryer(图2)

Three Characteristics of Vacuum Dryer:

1.The drying time is short and the strength is high because the material is highly dispered in the air flow.
2.Air dryer with simple structure, small volume, easy to construct and maintain.
3.large processing capacity, high thermal efficiency

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Introduction of Vacuum Dryer(图3)

Introduction of Vacuum Dryer(图4)

Introduction of Vacuum Dryer(图5)

Introduction of Vacuum Dryer(图6)

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