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Benefits of Biomass Pellet Quality Certification

Quality Certification benefits wood pellet producers in two ways:


  • Quality Certification protects producers from bad actors in the market. By advocating that consumers only use certified pellets,it ensures that the pellets will perform properly in stoves and boilers and thus protect the reputation of wood pellets as a good quality fuel.

  • Quality Certification provides market access. With ENplus certified pellets making up 80 per cent of the European heat sector, buyers are now insisting that imported pellets should be ENplus certified. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that all new pellet stoves must specify the use of certified pellets. Three certifications are accepted: PFI (managed by the U.S. Pellet Fuels Institute), ENplus, and CANplus. In Canada, some provincial governments – notably Ontario – have developed, or are developing new rules for wood heating requiring the use of CANplus certified wood pellets in pellet boilers.

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