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Zero Tolerance of Unqualified Products

Zero Tolerance of Unqualified Products!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ------  Dec 7th.2018

• Temperature: -9℃,
• Production Workshop Area of Rotex Master Machinery; Finish product warehouse 
• Unqualified products stacking area.
• Chairman Mr.Wang Jinhai,workshop leader and employees,5 suppliers,3 batch of customers.
• 70 unqualified products
• External casting defective bearing chamber of pellet machine with 20,000RMB, 
• Spindle of pellet machine valued 10,000RMB 
• Testeing machine: latest sawdust machine with 260000RMB,
• Bunqualified processed parts with 50,000RM,
• Under 3 sledgehammers 
• 2 cutting machine 
• Turn into scrap iron.

Zero Tolerance of Unqualified Products(图1)

Rotex Master always regards product quality as the foundation of company development."One ant hole may cause the collapse of a thousand-li dyke. Any small quality problem should not appear on our equipment”This is a sentence that Chairman Wang often talks about.

Zero Tolerance of Unqualified Products(图2)

On the morning of December 7th with -9℃ temperature outside,the Quality Inspection Department and the Production Department take the lead in the unified scrapping and destruction of the unqualified products appeared in recent months. Chaiman Wang,every department leader,employees and some suppliers participated in the whole process.This batch of unqualified products contain product parts, complete equipment with problems in the final assembly inspection. There are not only products processed by our company and also equipment supplied by cooperate suppliers.All these defective goods are destroyed without exception.

Zero Tolerance of Unqualified Products(图3)

This is not the first time Rotex Master held such a destruction activity,but the company’s chairman still stressed that Rotex Master is doing conscience brand. Zero tolerance for unqualified products is guarantee for product quality,also responsibility and attitude to customers.

Zero Tolerance of Unqualified Products(图4)

"Zero Tolerance of Unqualified Products!" This kind of activity is not the first time for Rotex Master,and also won't be the last time.

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