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Advantages of torrefied wood pellets

  • Torrefied wood pellets are widely used by power plants due to its functioning much like coal and high level of energy density.It should be noted that industrial wood pellets are burned less efficiently than torrefied wood pellets. Thus, torrefied wood pellets could retain up to 90% of the original biomass energy. As a result, coal plants on torrefied wood granules could operate at closer to their maximum capacity.

  • A higher level of bulk and energy density allows pelletized torrefied wood be much more economical to ship and transport in comparison with regular wood pellets. In addition, the hydrophobic ability of torrefied biomass makes it less likely to degrade than regular wood granules, making pellets easier to store.

  • The caloric value of torrefied biomass is 1.5 times higher than the level of caloric value of wood pellets. The moisture content of the torrefied wood pellets is around 1%, while the moisture content of wood pellets could reach 10 and more percent. So, torrefied wood pellets reduce the use of fossil fuel and allow coal power plants to lower GHG emissions, improving air quality.

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