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Common Faults and Solutions

  • Output is low; do not discharge materials

Reason: the smoothness of mould hole is poor because of the first use. Mould or roller ages and wears seriously. The moisture of raw materials is too high or too low; the gap between roller and mould is too large; triangular belt ages or slip.

Solutions: Grind and lubricate the mould with oil materials. After working for a time, the capacity will increase. Change pinch roller or mould. Adjust the moisture of raw material; tighten the roller bolt. Change the belt.

  • Finished pellets contain much powder

Reason: moisture is low; roller and mould wear seriously.

  • Surface of pellets is rough.

Reasons: the moisture is too large; mould is used by the first time

Solutions: reduce water content; grind with oil materials repeatly.

  • The sound is abnormal

Reasons: with hard debris; bearing damages; screws is loose

Solutions: stop running the machine to clean; change bearing; tighten the screw

  • Sudden shutdown

Reasons: equipment with excessive loan (fuse blown); foreign matters fall into the machine cavity; low voltage or insufficient power

Solutions: increase the gap between the roller and mould appropriately; stop running the machine to clean foreign matters; change the wire or motor.

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