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Vacuum Rotary Dryer---the least cost

Whether your drying cost in biomass pellet plant is too high?

Whether it is hard for you to improve the safety factor for the dryer?

Whether the fuel cost of dryer is too high?

Whether you want to increase the profit of pellets?

Then the welfare for you comes:

Vacuum Rotary Dryer---the least cost(图1)

Vacuum Rotary Dryer is one low-cost dryer designed for small and medium scale biomass pellet production

factory. This model can save at least 1/3 cost than traditional single-cylinder dryer. The moisture of raw material

can be 60%-30%. The moisture of sawdust after drying can reach 13%. And the output will be 500 kg/h to 4 t/h.

It has the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

Vacuum Rotary Dryer---the least cost(图2)

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