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Some Advice for Choosing Pellet Machine

Some Advice for Choosing Pellet Machine

Firstly, please study local raw material structure and energy structure. That’s to say, what are the most raw materials in this area? What kind of raw materials do you plan to use? And how much per ton you will get the raw material? What is the moisture of your raw material? And whether the raw material can be supplied for a long time or not? Furthermore, what is your raw material in reserve if the price of raw material rises or the raw material lacks.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the plant prepare. The plant needs dynamic electricity; raw material needs to be near from the plant.


Thirdly, the most important is choosing equipment. The critical factor for succeeding in this industry is choosing qualified equipment with best after-sales service. We suggest you visit factory and study the equipment. Clients should pay more attention to the details, the quality of the equipment rather than the surface.

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