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Why Middle East Client Chose ROTEXMASTER During Epidemic Situation

Due to the impact of the epidemic, China's foreign trade exports have been hit to a certain extent. In this situation, ROTEXMASTER received an inquiry from customers from the Middle East. 

How We Help Our West Asia Clients Test Pressing Oat Hulls Pellets(图1)

--The raw material is oat hull which is special, since oat hulls are not generated locally in China. In order to allow customers to more intuitively feel the production process of pressing oat hull pellets. After hard efforts, ROTEXMASTER finally purchased 20t oat hulls that are highly similar to customers from trading companies.

--As the customer required the capacity with 1t/h, so we chose the type YGKJ560B wood pellet machine. The quality of oat hulls pellets proved fine; Surface of pellets is smooth; The density reaches 1.1. According to client's requirement, the pellets will be exported to European Market, so we choosed mould with 6mm hole. 6mm pellets is accord with European pellets standard. The client is satisfied with RotexMaster raw material tesing. The client ordered pellet machine from RotexMaster. Now the equipment is under production.

--Customer's Satisfaction is Our Pursuit.

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