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Coniferous Pellets

Coniferous pellets pressed by ROTEXMASTER wood pellet machine are the most common type of new fuel, which have recently gained great popularity.

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According to the Federal Forestry Agency, at the end of 2018, forest tracts amount to 770172.6 thousand hectares, of which solid-leaved 18270.7 thousand hectares. This suggests that coniferous varieties of trees occupy a large area and coniferous raw materials are more accessible.

Large volumes of coniferous forest development mean the possibility of using almost all woodworking waste: sawdust, shavings, undercoat layer and even bark in some brands of coniferous pellets, make it possible to produce fuel coniferous pellets in a large volume and color range (respectively varieties) from dark to light.

Coniferous pellets vary in color from white (light cream) to so-called dark (gray-brown). It is believed that buying pellets white and white and yellow for the boiler is more practical than darker ones. However, this is not so, the color can in no way affect the quality of the pellets themselves, since it all depends on the composition of the raw material from which the pellets themselves are made and the method of drying the source wood.

The decisive characteristic when choosing pellets is the ash content, which is a non-combustible residue in the furnace that requires periodic removal. Buying more expensive light pellets or cleaning the boiler more often when using cheaper dark pellets is only your decision and directly depends on the choice of pellets.

It is necessary to pay attention to the surface of coniferous pellets, they must be smooth, shiny and not have cracks and will not crumble without the use of mechanical forces.

And also coniferous pellets are used not only in heating, they are successfully used in car dealerships and gas stations - as a great absorbent. When harvesting oil and similar liquids, coniferous pellets absorb liquids much better than lignite ones.

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