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Pellets Top Questions

We have prepared for you answers to the most popular questions about wood pellets.

◆ Pellet Consumption for Heating?

It depends on the air temperature, the degree of insulation of the building, etc., sometimes you have to reconfigure the operating mode of the heating pellet boiler. On average, pellet consumption in the Moscow Region: 4-5 bags of pellets are enough for 24 hours with a calculated room area of 150-200 m². Thus, for the season you will need 5-8 tons of premium pellets.

◆ How are pellets packed?

What is the weight of big bags and bags?

Everything is simple. 1 big bag - 1000 kg or 950 kg

1 bag - 30 kg

◆ Solid Wood Pellets. What is it?

Raw materials: Beech, Oak, Mahogany, etc.

Advantages: Burn longer, Low Dust

Disadvantages: High cost, Increased requirements for heating boilers

◆ Soft Wood Pellets. What is it?

Raw materials: Spruce, Pine, Cedar, Fir, etc.

Advantages: High calorific value

Minuses: Our pellets are quickly sold out

◆ Can Pellets Heat Water?

Yes, you can heat water with pellets. True, most pellet boilers are not equipped with boilers and you will have to install it yourself. In this case, we strongly recommend that you use the services of a specialized company for the installation of boilers for a pellet boiler. It is called a double-circuit pellet boiler with a built-in heat exchanger. An electric boiler, in this case, does not need to be installed.

◆ Can I Burn with Pellet Heating?

Yes, you can get burned while heating with pellets. However, as with any other type of fuel. To prevent this from happening, you must follow all fire safety measures and install pellet boilers by a qualified contractor. Pellets, in themselves, are low toxic fuel and do not contain synthetic additives.

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