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What is Wood Pellet

Wood pellets or fuel pellets - pressed wood product, made of wood chips of coniferous or deciduous species. Standard size: diameter 6 mm and 8 mm, length 10-50 mm. The raw materials used for the production of pellets go to production from environmentally friendly forests.

Coniferous and soft woods are an excellent raw material for pellets. According to their calorific value, wood pellets are not inferior to traditional types of fuel: natural gas, coal and oil, ahead of them at a lower price.

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Where are pellets used

Pellets are intended for use:

in boilers and fireplaces for heating in residential premises. they are economical, durable, autonomous, and most importantly very effective: in terms of heat transfer, pellets are superior to firewood, coal, peat. During the combustion of one ton of pellets, 5000 kW is released. Conventional firewood will require 1.6 tons.

 in urban boiler rooms

 as a filler for animal care (cat litter). This is a very convenient material: it “locks” the smell, does not stick to the feet of animals, and is safe for their health.

 for removal and containment of liquid products in emergency situations. Granules perfectly absorb moisture, so they are used if it is necessary to remove oil or technical fluid from the surface.

Benefits of using pellets:

 automated and controlled pellet feeding process

 high heat transfer compared to other conventional fuels

 almost complete combustion of the product, ash content during combustion of less than 0.7%

 high bulk density and packing in a convenient diverse container

 minimum storage area for pellets, many times less than wood storage

 fireproof - do not contain dust, therefore do not ignite

 biologically inactive material, can be stored next to residential and utility rooms

 pellets do not cause an allergic reaction in humans and animals

 existing boilers are easily converted to new fuel

 environmentally friendly

 the residue after combustion can serve as fertilizer for the garden and plants

 packaging takes a minimum of volume during transportation

 flowability and uniformity make it possible to transport in tankers and “blow” into the warehouse (into the fuel hopper)

 Do not decompose if necessary long-term storage.

The quality of pellets listed above makes this product competitive in the fuel market.

With proper storage of pellets, subject to humidity conditions, their quality does not deteriorate, and long-term storage will not bring you additional worries and costs.

Production of fuel pellets

Typically, enterprises producing pellets are located near large woodworking companies. It is convenient: such companies are able to supply raw materials for the production of granules all year round - sawdust, wood chips, shavings, wood fragments.

First, the raw materials are crushed in a crusher. The resulting particles are dried. Then the granules are moistened with water or hot steam to a certain extent - about 13-15%. After that, they are sent to pellet machine, which compress the material into pellets of a cylindrical shape. Ready-made pellets are hermetically sealed to protect against moisture.

Pellets may vary in color. It depends on the type of wood, as well as whether the wood has been cleared of bark. Pellets with bark have a darker shade.

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