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How to turn peanut shell waste into treasure

How to turn peanut shell waste into treasure(图1)

About peanut shell

Peanut shell is common agricultural things in rural area. Normally,most people take them as rubbish to handle or burn them directly. It is a waste not to make full use of peanut shells. Nowadays, people start to pay more  attention to the environmental protection because of global warming and air pollution. To reduce air pollution, biomass fuel is becoming a popular fuel in the market. You may wonder what is biomass. Where can I find them? Biomass material is common seen in our daily life. It can be rice husk, sawdust, grass, straw and other    material, as we know, biomass material is easy to find. Today, we will introduce a new way of turning peanut  shell into treasure---biomass fuel peanut shell pellets.

What can you benefit from making peanut shell pellets?

● Easy storage and transportation. The shape of peanut shell is cylindrical and it has the smooth surface with a  slight sheen. Peanut shell pellets are easy to store and transport.

● Heat value. Peanut shell pellet has large densities, so the combustion efficiency is high. When burning, the central temperature of peanut shell pellets can reach 1100 degree and heat value can reach 3700 ~ 4000 kcal/kg.

● Less ash. Because of high pressure molding and larger density,the peanut shell pellet is heat- resistant with high firepower and less ash. The ash content of peanut shell pellets is less than 8%. During burning, the pellets can keep shape, no distortion and fall apart. The pellet fuel ash can be as the potash fertilizer to return into soil.

● Environmental protection.Using the peanut shell pellet fuel can reduce environment pollution.When burning  the pellet, ash discharge concentration is less than 40 mg / m3. So use the pellet fuel can improve air quality and avoid greenhouse effect.

● Saving or make money. Turning your wastes into fuel can save your energy cost.What’s more,large quantity of peanut pellets can be sold to make money.

Application of peanut shell pellets

Peanut shell pellets are widely used in heating, cooking, industrial stoves, boiler and other places.

1.Application in household heating and cooking

Because the pellets are easy to storage and transport, you can store some at home for long term use.

2.Application in industrial stove

Peanut shell pellets can also be used in industrial stoves, boiler. In one way, peanut shell pellets can replace coal, gas and petroleum. Peanut shell pellets are more environmental friendly. Because peanut shell does not contain corrosion element and using peanut shell pellets can extend the service life of the industrial stove. 

How to make peanut shell pellets

From the benefits of peanut shell pellets, we can see that peanut shell pellets have so much advantages for  our life. But how to make peanut shell pellets? What kind of machines should we use? Now, ROTEXMASTER will introduce the process.

● Screening: To improve the peanut shell pellet quality, you should take the raw material into the screening  machine to screen out the impurity.

● Crushing: Suitable size is important to press pellets. The suitable size is 6-8mm.

● Drying: Peanut shell pellets production is very strict with the water content of raw material.

● Pelletizing: Pellet machine is the key equipment for the production. Vertical ring die wood pellet machine is the best choice.

● Cooling and screening: The hot peanut shell pellets are easily broken, so after the pellets out from the pellet mill, it should be taken them into the cooling system. Until the peanut shell pellets have the normal temperature can bag them and be put in storage.

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