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A Good Biomass Resources for Biomass Pellet Project--- Gliricidia

A Good Biomass Resources for Biomass Pellet Project--- Gliricidia(图1)

Gliricidia is a fast-growing, nitrogen-fixing, high calorific value tree which coppices well and is abundant in Sri Lanka. It is the most attractive of the biomass sources for biomass pellet project, as the branches grow in a very straight form. It can initial growth of 2.5-3.5 meters in 6–9 months. After 1 (one) year's growth, Gliricidia can be   cut at about 50 cm above the ground, reportedly yielding about 5–20 m3 per hectare. Afterwards, yearly cuttings are possible, producing between 35 and 65 m3 of small-sized fuelwood per hectare, a rather incredible yield.    Gliricidia trees can be harvested for at least 20 years by using sustainable harvesting methods – where the trunk and roots are left intact.

A Good Biomass Resources for Biomass Pellet Project--- Gliricidia(图2)

By planting energy crops, it has many advantages, among others:

  1. Internal control of raw material for wood pellet business easier, as fluctuations in supply, changes in market prices, irrespective of the sources of waste wood and so on.

  2. By products of energy plantations as the leaves can be used for livestock such as cattle, sheep,and honey bee farm that utilizes the flowers of energy crops.

  3. Wood pellet machine site could be very close or even in the midst of the energy plantations (raw material oriented), so the cost / price of cheap raw materials.

  4. Energy plantations also absorb CO2 from the atmosphere (Carbon negative), application of wood pellets is carbon neutral activity that can be included in carbon trading, climate change mitigation through afforestation (planting / addition of carbon stocks), and the construction unit of SFM (Sustainable Forest Management)

  5. The pattern of mixed supply of raw materials with partly from energy plantations owned company (the core) and others belonging to the community(plasma) can be done.This pattern will include the role of the communiy

  6. Additional income by utilizing the sidelines of energy crops with other crops (agroforestry models) so that the cultivation of poly culture are more resistant to disease.

  7. Uncultivated land or marginal land that the millions of hectares can be utilized effectively.

  8. Fertilize and improve soil conditions, including the prevention of erosion. Gliricidia plant roots in the form of a pimple are able to bind nitrogen that fertilizes the soil.

  9. Short crop harvest and grow again, without the need for replanting.Energy crops such as Gliricidia only be planted once and then grows again after the harvest for decades, more results and very easy maintenance.

  10. Development or enlargement wood pellet plant capacity is possible as long as the land is still available. And this time there are still millions of hectares of potential for the creation of the energy plantations.

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