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How to Raise the Use Value of Coffee Grounds

How to Raise the Use Value of Coffee Grounds(图1)

What is coffee waste?

Coffee wastes are left after brewing coffee are known as coffee grounds. They are suitable for replacing fossil fuel and coal after being converted into the pellets.

These pellets are used for cooking, home heating, boilers and the industrial stoves.

The yearly coffee production is about 8 million in the world, resulting in large amounts of residues during the brewing process. coffee waste pelleting is much easier and far more convenient to be completed in virtue of their own features and properties.

Why need to press coffee waste pellet?

■ Firstly,the problem of energy shortage is more and more vigorous, so development and production of pelletized biomass fuel have become a way out.

■ Secondly,throwing away of spent coffee grounds will bring decontamination burden for environment.

Thirdly,coffee residues used as fertilizer are harmful for soil due to the caffeine, tannins and polyphenols in them.


The characteristic of coffee waste

■ Heat value: The heat value of spent coffee waste reaches as high as 4619.2MJ/kg, making them more ideal for producing pelletized biomass fuel.

■ Cleaner property of feedstock: Unlike forestry residues and agricultural wastes. As something to eat, the raw materials, coffee bean, must have been pre-processed so that both the finished product and byproduct are clean and have no harm to human body. 

 Short growing period of raw materials: The growing period of trees is about 4 years compared with which the half a year to a year of coffee beans is much shorter.


How to make coffee grounds pellets?

How to Raise the Use Value of Coffee Grounds(图2)

Drying Section:To evaporation the wet coffee waste into suitable moisture (suitable moisture content for making pellets is 13-15%)

Big Silo: To store large raw material after drying.

Pelletizing Section: Pellet machine is the key equipment for production, here we use RotexMaster vertical ring die pellet machine.

Cooling Section:The hot coffee grounds pellets will easily crack, so the pellets out from the pellet mill need to be cooled, until the coffee grounds pellets reach the normal temperature and can be stocked.

Packing Section: Pack into bags for sale.

Application of coffee grounds pellets

Like other pelletized biomass fuel, the application of coffee waste biomass pellets ranges from industrial field to household living. For Coffee Waste Pellets, it embodies daily heat supply for individual family or service industry including restaurant, hotel and bank.

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